Safety is the top priority for Boskalis. In a bid to achieve an incident and accident-free working environment we developed the NINA safety program. NINA stands for ‘No Injuries, No Accidents’.

Developed in cooperation with Boskalis staff, the program strikes a chord with everyone. NINA sets out our vision on safety and describes the safety conduct we expect from our staff and our subcontractors. The programme makes people aware of their own responsibility and encourages them to take action in situations which are unsafe.

The safety program is supported by the vision statement issued by senior management which states that the safety of our staff is a core value for Boskalis and that the goal of ‘No Injuries, No Accidents’ is embedded in our corporate culture.

The vision statement is supported by five core values and five rules. The five core values express what we expect from each other when it comes to safety. The five rules are a set of useful tools for supporting our values and putting them into practice.

NINA comprises an extensive program of training and workshops.


Wherever possible we work to mitigate environmental concerns. By building with nature, we help preserve or even strengthen environmental assets without compromising the economic benefits.

Our track record proves that through sophisticated monitoring programmes and innovative techniques it is possible to construct maritime infrastructure and simultaneously preserve delicate marine life.

CSR Strategy

Boskalis Westminster falls under the Boskalis Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

Our strategy is aimed at a sustainable design and execution of our solutions around the globe. We follow our General Business Principles, which are based on international guidelines such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In order to safeguard our social, societal and environmental responsibility as much as possible, our CSR policy focuses on the key areas where our impact is the greatest:

Our social performance focuses on our employees, with their safety, development and well-being as our principal objectives. We also encourage the environmental awareness of our employees and people working for us.
In addition, our efforts are geared to making contributions to society in the form of investments in education and research, supporting communities (local and otherwise), and community sponsoring and donations.

Our environmental performance focuses on providing eco-engineering solutions based on the Building with Nature philosophy and ongoing R&D in environmental friendly equipment and techniques.

Building with Nature

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Cliffe Pools Habitat Enhancement Project
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