The Estimator works within the Estimating and Business Development Team responsible for developing innovative and sustainable working methods to deliver a wide range of marine projects, including the maintenance and capital dredging of ports and harbours, coastal protection works and land reclamation.

Working within our team you will be involved in understanding vessel productions, cost calculations and the preparation of the tender submission documents.

We have a proven track record of supporting personal and professional development, allowing you to grow within our organisation. Full training will be given, with opportunities to study for ICE qualifications as well as internal and external courses specific to our industry. Whilst the role is predominately office based, travel to meet clients and visit projects is expected, with potential opportunities for overseas travel.

Main Tasks

  • Reviewing the tender documentation.
  • Visiting information sources and sites in order to obtain additional information.
  • Considering and developing alternative solutions.
  • Determining and checking quantities, defining the working method and the equipment to be deployed.
  • Requesting and evaluating proposals provided by subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Seeing that any existing knowledge and experience are applied and, where necessary, calling for support from the wider Boskalis group (e.g. productions, soil evaluation, contractual and legal questions, currency and exchange risks, insurance, transport etc.).
  • In consultation with the Head of Business Development & Estimating, determining the tender price and defining and documenting the risks considered during the tender phase.
  • Preparing the supporting methodology, contractual clarifications and other documentation required within the tender submission.
  • Supporting the Project Team during the post award preparation stage.
  • Visiting sites in order to evaluate the working methods, determining and evaluating deviations (subsequent costing) and offering suggestions for improvement.
  • During and after project execution, asking the Project Manager for feedback on the products and services purchased for subsequent costing purposes.
  • Ensuring that WOW and NINA standards are always achieved or exceeded.

Required Knowledge and Experience

Higher professional degree or equivalent (preferably in civil engineering or a marine related field)

Specific knowledge of the discipline and practical experience in:

  • Dredging works and/or
  • Coastal protection works, and/or
  • Reclamation works and/or
  • Dry earth-moving works and/or
  • Hydrographic survey

Basic knowledge of cost and contractual aspects

Good written ability, able to produce high quality tender documentation.

Ability to work with support software, including the suite of Microsoft Office programmes.

Knowledge of the Boskalis quality assurance and health & safety systems

Ability to locate existing expertise and experience within the wider Boskalis organisation structure

Current Right to Work in the UK

Job-Specific Competencies

Problem Analysis:

  • You are capable of quickly detecting and assessing a problem in a tender and can filter out important aspects needed to solve the problem (for example missing or contradictory information);
  • During follow-up, you are capable of detecting and analysing deviations from the project budget.

Forming an Opinion:

  • You are able to draw conclusions based on an analysis of the available information and weigh up both positive and negative aspects; you do not put off taking a decision unnecessarily in this process;
  • You assess which information is missing (for example from a tender) and take the initiative to gather that information;
  • In order to draw the correct conclusion and take decisions, you involve the right people (knowing that final decisions will be taken by the manager responsible for the project).

Market Focus

  • You have a good idea of Boskalis Westminster’s competitors and what important developments they are undergoing, viewed from the perspective of your own discipline;
  • You are well informed about what is happening in the market because you read professional journals, attend fairs and other events, or maintain a network and visit projects.


  • You use logical and relevant arguments to persuade others to support your approach/estimate;
  • You can get others to respond favourably to your proposals; even if your news is less than positive, you are able to persuade others to take a constructive attitude to the work;
  • You make things clear and know when to say “no”; you stand by your decisions and let others know that while remaining pleasant.

Being Immune to Stress

  • Despite heavy pressure to perform, you are capable of taking action on multiple fronts at the same time;
  • You remain productive and continue to deliver quality even if problems arise in the tendering phrase or if you come under major work or time pressure;
  • You continue to communicate calmly and effectively with all the necessary parties, even when you are working under pressure.


  • You issue instructions or give examples in order to teach others;
  • You keep a close eye on the result and get others to do the same.

Boskalis Core Competencies


  • You contribute actively to the joint result or to solving the problem;
  • You communicate effectively with your colleagues and clients and share your knowledge pro-actively;
  • You listen to your client (including Business Sector Management) and actively investigate their wishes and needs, checking whether their expectations have been met;
  • You have a service-minded attitude towards internal support departments within Boskalis, for example by responding quickly and satisfactorily to requests.

Enterprising spirit:

  • You are aware of the competition’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • You study the needs of clients.


  • You continue to work efficiently, despite constantly having to weigh up time and quality factors in tendering procedures;
  • You aim to perform your work as well as possible and to do everything you can to improve your performance;
  • You are prepared to continue “learning” when it comes to your current work area



To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter outlining your suitability for the role to:


HR Department
Westminster House
4 Crompton Way
Segensworth West
PO15 5SS

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