As the Manager of a Boskalis Subsidiary in the UK, you shall conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner at all times serving the best interest of the company whilst incorporating the identity and image.  As GM of Llanelli Sands, you are responsible for all aspects of the business.  This includes sales, purchasing, cost control, production and evaluation.

Main Tasks

  • Being responsible for safety, health environment and QA. Ensuring that safe working practices are adhered to.
  • Being the main interface between customers and suppliers and ensuring good working relations
  • Control execution activities.
  • Being responsible for the insurances and licenses.
  • Supervising (including maintaining discipline), encouraging and guiding your team. Generally organising the work performed by the various partners and checking the progress and quality of the work.
  • Consulting on contractual matters.
  • Being responsible for proper project execution according to the contractual requirements and customer's expectations, including such matters as accounting, cost control, insurance, ordering, personnel, payments, and stocks.
  • Being responsible for long term equipment and personnel planning.

Required Knowledge and Experience

  • Good written and spoken English
  • Experience in integrated SHE-Q auditing
  • Management experience / leadership
  • Highly developed communication skills
  • DMS qualified or Business degree
  • High negotiation skills
  • Experience in dealing with clients

Job-Specific Competencies

Analytical Thinking

Compiling and analysing information by using a rationalistic and systematic approach to understanding issues.

  • Identifies cause and effect relations
  • Examines problems from various angles
  • Draws comparisons with other situations



Taking decisions based on analysis, knowledge, experience and judgment and committing oneself to the decision.

  • Takes decisions even if all relevant information is not available
  • Creates commitment for decisions
  • Shows strong belief in own decisions


Customer Focus

Identifying and understanding client needs and acting accordingly

  • Friendly and helpful when in communication with our suppliers to ensure queries are resolved adequately, to develop positive relationships and promote an excellent brand image.
  • Challenging clients requests by investigating underlying reasons
  • Uses opportunities to exceed client's expectations
  • Continuously evaluates the services and cooperation with the client


Organisational and Safety Awareness

  • You ensure that you and employees are updated on health and safety in the workplace.



Reasoning with others to produce an agreement upon courses of action satisfactory for all parties

  • Uses the points of view and interests of the other party to create support for own proposal
  • Deals with complex issues in negotiations
  • Anticipates and effectively deals with objections to come to agreements
  • Allocates tasks, responsibilities and roles preceding negotiations



  • Believes in the company ethos and transmits this to other team members. Encourages and supports rather than dictate.


Motivating Others

Inspiring enthusiasm in others and encouraging others to take initiative and responsibility in order to achieve objectives

  • Responds to people’s ambitions and needs
  • Builds and maintains the team morale and celebrates successes
  • Acknowledges the individual contribution to the success of the organisation


Achieving Results

Actively focusing on and achieving or exceeding results

  • Sets challenging goals and deadlines for self and others
  • Eliminates barriers to achieve goals
  • Dares to take calculated risks to achieve results
  • Remains result-driven even when facing setbacks


Commercial Drive

Pursuing commercial opportunities and taking calculated risks to achieve business advantages

  • Spots opportunities to increase commercial success
  • Is actively looking for ways to optimize profit margins
  • Takes action to gain commercial advantages


Boskalis Core Competencies


  • You help find solutions to problems.
  • You work with other Boskalis departments and in doing so you put common interests above your own.
  • You contribute ideas and work with others to achieve common goals.

Enterprising spirit

  • You enquire about the needs of your customers and adapt to changing expectations.
  • You ensure or contribute to the performance of a business analysis (costs/benefits) for all activities.


  • You listen to constructive criticism and are prepared to improve your own performance where possible.
  • You have high expectations of your own performance and strive to deliver the best quality possible.
  • You adhere to norms and values, even when this leads to disadvantages, tension or conflicts.
  • You do what you say you will do, and you keep promises and agreements.

Equal Opportunities

  • Treating all fellow colleagues and clients equally.  No client or colleague will be treated less favorably because of their race, colour, religion or belief, nationality ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or marital or civil partner.

Health and Safety

  • Adopt the NINA Values and Rules, i.e. “My role according to NINA”
  • Comply with the BWL SHE-Q System policies and procedures, applicable to your role and function.


To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter outlining your suitability for the role to:

HR Department
Westminster House
4 Crompton Way
Segensworth West
PO15 5SS


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