The Master is responsible for the safe navigation and safe operations of the vessel.

Main tasks

  • Providing leadership towards achieving the safety objectives of the company. Understanding and ensuring compliance with relevant company’s (safety) guidelines and procedures (especially the NINA safety behaviour program).
  • Ensures that all instructions from the Operations Department and Client are fully documented and implemented
  • Ensures all measures to prevent pollution of the environment are exercised.
  • Continually reviews and upholds the operational efficiency, moral and welfare of Officers and Ratings. 
  • To be fully aware of all factors affecting the immediate operation of the ship.  Upon taking command, the Master will be confident in the details of the construction manoeuvrability, navigation and other equipment.
  • To be fully conversant with Merchant Shipping Legislation and the requirements of authorities at each port of call.  Ensures that the relevant provisions in such legislation pertaining to the operation of the vessel are fully adhered to.
  • Is familiar with the specific status of the vessel and its relation to the standards as generally accepted in the shipping industry.  Reports any deficiencies to the Engineering and Operations Managers.
  • Issue “Standing Orders” to the Officers/Ratings for the efficient operation of the ship.
  • Ensures all Company policies, procedures, temporary instruction and requirements are communicated to the crew thus ensuring that all Company requirements are fulfilled.
  • Ensures that all records kept onboard and those submitted to the Operations and Engineering are completed neatly and accurately. 
  • Making daily inspections, where possible, of all parts of the vessel ensuring that high standards of cleanliness, hygiene and preservation are maintained.
  • Ensures that all staff are neat and tidy wearing the appropriate uniform or working in the appropriate protective clothing.
  • Undertakes relevant checks before departure on a sea passage including: ensuring that the vessel is in all respects prepared for the voyage, considering such factors as, stability, stress, trim and watertight integrity, ensures that there are sufficient bunkers for the voyage, including reserve.  Conducts pre-departure briefs with the crew onboard and reviews and approves the voyage plan.  In liaison with the Chief Engineer, ensure that all voyage requirements are met.
  • Compiles reports on the vessel’s condition and operation at intervals described in the Procedures Manuals.
  • Supervises the vessel’s navigation when entering or leaving port, when in confined waters, approaching land or any danger, during fog or poor visibility or other adverse weather conditions.
  • To be familiar with relevant contract terms and commercial requirements. 
  • Manage all accounts and record keeping, making sure that all cash onboard is properly held in a safe and that it is properly accounted for.  The keys of the safe must be kept in the personal custody of the Master.
  • Follow Company Procedures in the event of a breakdown, accident or incident causing damage to the vessel, pollution or damage to a third-party structure or ship.
  • Give assistance to any ship in distress in accordance with International requirements.  Any such assistance shall be reported immediately to the Operations Manager.
  • Ensure that confidential appraisal reports on all staff members are completed.
  • Ensure that a schedule is maintained which indicates planned working hours and periods of rest for all watch-keepers.  To monitor working hours and to keep records which verify that watch-keepers receive adequate rest periods according to requirements of STCW 95 as amended from time to time.
  • In small vessels where there is no Chief Officer or Junior Officer, the Master shall assume the duties of those Officers.

Required knowledge and Experience

  • Higher Professional Education level.
  • Seamen’s certificate of competence as required.
  • Mandatory NINA training.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience as Mate. 
  • Good command of English (written and spoken).
  • Advanced knowledge of the applicable Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, classification and flag state requirements, local legislation and basic skills in ICT Office and fleet management systems
  • Thorough knowledge of operational process of the vessel and the equipment

Boskalis core competencies


  • You help find solutions to problems.
  • You work with other Boskalis and Smit departments and in doing so you put common interests above your own.
  • You contribute ideas and work with others to achieve common goals.

Enterprising spirit

  • You enquire about the needs of your customers and adapt to changing expectations.
  • You ensure or contribute to the performance of a business analysis (costs/benefits) for all activities.


  • You listen to constructive criticism and are prepared to improve your own performance where possible.
  • You have high expectations of your own performance and strive to deliver the best quality possible.
  • You adhere to norms and values, even when this leads to disadvantages, tension or conflicts.
  • You do what you say you will do, and you keep promises and agreements.

Equal Opportunities

  • Treating all fellow colleagues and clients equally.  No client or colleague will be treated less favorably because of their race, colour, religion or belief, nationality ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or marital or civil partner.

Health & Safety

  • Adopt the NINA Values and Rules, i.e. “My role according to NINA”
  • Comply with the BWL SHE-Q System policies and procedures, applicable to your role and function

Job-specific competencies


  • Making decisions based on analysis, knowledge, experience and judgment and committing oneself to the decision.
  • Makes decisions in difficult and urgent situations.


  • Remains focused on results and performs effectively when facing time pressures, adversity, and opposition.
  • Maintains focus in challenging times.
  • Outlines priorities and defines new approaches in case of collective setbacks.

Planning & Organisation

  • Plans and manages activities and resources efficiently and effectively to achieve goals.
  • Integrates various objectives, priorities and capabilities into a coherent plan.
  • Identifies changes into long-term planning and ensures timely cascading into relevant organisational units.

Team working

  • Recognising and understanding the requirements of others and being aware of one's own impact on others to maintain effective relationships.
  • Ensures good team working amongst the team and ensure that employees are treated with dignity and respect.

Directing others

  • Setting clear goals and assigning responsibilities. 
  • Measuring performance and providing feedback.
  • Provides overall direction to optimise team results
  • Urges team members to take responsibility for collective results.

Achieving results

  • Actively focusing on achieving or exceeding results.
  • Sets challenging goals and deadlines for self and others
  • Eliminates barriers to achieve goals.
  • Remains result-driven even when facing setbacks.

Customer focused

  • Identifying and understanding client needs and acting accordingly.
  • Challenging the client’s requests by investigating underlying reasons.
  • Uses opportunities to exceed client's expectations
  • Continuously evaluates the services and cooperation with the client.


To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter outlining your suitability for the role to:

HR Department
Westminster House
4 Crompton Way
Segensworth West
PO15 5SS


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