The Project Manager of a Boskalis project bears all-round responsibility for all aspects related to a project. This includes such matters as preparations, scheduling, execution, customer contacts, finances, HSE & QA, reports, contacts with Plant Management and the Dredging Department. On the project site itself, the Project Manager is the most important Boskalis representative vis-à-vis the customer.


Main Tasks

  • Responsible for proper project execution according to the legal and contractual requirements.
  • Maintaining and promoting good internal and external relationships and consulting with the customer, regulatory bodies, subcontractors, suppliers, and the government organisations and state-run enterprises involved (contractually) in project execution. 
  • Responsible for preparing the work and optimising the working processes. Recognising when internal or external expertise is required. 
  • Responsible for drafting a work budget, the applicable system for cost control (budget control report) and the various reports, including the final report (in the event of a JV project, that includes the reports drawn up for the partners). 
  • Responsible for long-term workforce and equipment scheduling on the project. Meeting the need for employees in consultation with the P&O Department. Working with the Works Manager/Managers to coordinate the deployment of equipment. 
  • With the assistance of the Works Manager and Superintendents, supervising (including enforcing discipline), motivating and guiding the project organisation. Organising the employees’ work in general and coordinating this with the work carried out by the subcontractors’ employees. Monitoring the progress and quality of the delegated work. 
  • Responsible for purchasing materials and for the subcontractor agreements. 
  • Guaranteeing the agreements made and the contractual position and consulting on contract deviations. 
  • Responsible for drafting, implementing and sanctioning the HSE and QA plan. 
  • Responsible for submitting invoices for instalments and work performed in good time and ensuring that payment is remitted as quickly as possible (thereby minimising the working capital). 
  • Responsible for executing the project within the pre-determined timeframe and budget and to the customer’s satisfaction. 
  • Dealing without delay with claims, damage and potential liabilities.

Required Knowledge and Experience

  • Minimum higher professional education (HBO) working level and intellectual ability.
  • Knowledge of and experience with the techniques and working methods.
  • With regard to existing knowledge and experience, knowledge of the Boskalis organisation structure Project and Financial Management.
  • Knowledge of local laws and regulations (including those relating to the necessary permits).
  • Knowledge of contracts.
  • Knowledge of the Boskalis quality and safety system.  
  • Knowledge of Office software.
  • English language (written and spoken).
  • Second foreign language (depending on the country in question)
  • Current Right to Work in the UK.

Job-Specific Competencies


  • You see to it that the atmosphere in the project team is a good one;
  • You divide up tasks between the team members, manage the team and make sure that everyone knows precisely what is expected of them;
  • You take action if performance or behaviour is not satisfactory;
  • You delegate tasks, responsibilities and resources to others in order to achieve the agreed results.

Forming an opinion

  • You use various ways of approaching complicated problems and obtaining relevant information;
  • You are capable of sizing up problems quickly and effectively and, based on the data available, assess alternative solutions, taking all the relevant aspects into account;
  • You are able to accurately assess the consequences of various actions when problems arise or when employees come to you with questions. 

Flexible behaviour

  • You recognise when resistance requires you to change styles, and you do so willingly;
  • You adjust your leadership style to your employees’ work experience. 


  • You set your own targets while making sure that the partners in any partnership continue to be satisfied;
  • You decide in advance on your own limits and possible concessions;
  • You seek solutions that are acceptable to all the parties. 

Customer focus

  • You represent Boskalis and maintain active contact with clients;
  • You know the wishes of clients and act accordingly, resulting in satisfied customers;
  • You make firm agreements with clients about performance and service, and you stick to all your agreements;
  • You respond to complaints and take action. 


  • You seize opportunities and take action to generate additional work;
  • You take action in order to speed up the project’s progress;
  • You anticipate rather than wait to see what happens; you are the driver in your team. 

Boskalis Core Competencies


  • You head a team of people who are working together on a project;
  • You contribute to the final result in a way that gives the commercial and team interests priority.


  • You keep your eyes and ears open for potential business opportunities within and outside your own project so that you can take advantage of them;
  • You actively seek out new commercial opportunities or customers. You are inventive and creative in these efforts. 


  • You aim to perform your work as well as possible and to do everything you can to improve your performance;
  • You know how to represent Boskalis effectively with clients;
  • You are prepared to continue “learning” when it comes to your current work area.


To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter outlining your suitability for the role to:

HR Department
Westminster House
4 Crompton Way
Segensworth West
PO15 5SS


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