The Resource Development Manager is expected to manage existing UK Group marine aggregate resources whilst also developing new projects and business to support UK and NW Europe Group activities.

The Resource Development Manager therefore also has commercial and operational responsibility for business activities within the Sand & Gravel Business Sector of Boskalis Westminster Ltd. Support the Managing Director in your responsibility for the management of all gravel & sand related acquisition and operational activities undertaken by the company.

Main Tasks

  • Manage UK Group marine aggregate licences on a day to day basis
  • Organise and manage monitoring surveys
  • Manage marine aggregate licence renewals within strict time frames
  • Organise and manage supporting studies and external consultants with both time and budgetary constraints
  • Liaise with Crown Estate, Government regulators and other agencies
  • Attend and support marine aggregate working group meetings and trade association
  • Support and develop new marine aggregate outlets, external clients, develop access agreements and other business contacts
  • Provide geotechnical advice and support for BWL core activities
  • Continue to manage the Geographical Information System (GIS) and ensure the data remains current.
  • Develop, define and manage annual budget
  • Report on a regular basis
  • Work both independently and as a team player
  • Manage both acquisition and execution of projects within the Sand & Gravel Business Sector.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships, both internally with key stakeholders within the BWL & the Boskalis group and externally with the Business (e.g. Clients, Partners and Suppliers)
  • Liaise with Area Europe and Boskalis Departments (e.g. Personnel & Organisation, Central Technical Department and Dredging Department etc) accordingly.
  • Contribute to the preparation of the Company’s Management Planning System and Management Control System.
  • To ensure that tenders are prepared, new contracts are acquired and projects are executed in accordance with applicable Boskalis policies and procedures, as laid down in the Home Market Management System.
  • To ensure that an adequate risk analysis is prepared and evaluated during tender preparation and project execution.

Required Knowledge and Experience

  • Geoscience or other relevant degree as a minimum
  • Previous experience in the marine sector would be advantageous
  • Knowledge of computer applications (Windows, MS Office)
  • Knowledge of GIS would be helpful
  • Knowledge of acoustic surveying techniques
  • Knowledge of hydrographic surveying systems and an understanding of IHO “Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors, level A”, in so far as relevant for the dredging industry
  • Basic knowledge of Sub-Bottom Profiler, Side Scan Sonar, Magnetometer, etc. (ability to perform the measurements is not required, but enough knowledge should be present for outsourcing and monitoring)
  • Basic knowledge of underwater positioning
  • Knowledge of statistics and errors analysis
  • Knowledge of Boskalis QA system
  • Knowledge and experience of various dredging equipment
  • Good command of English (written and spoken)
  • Well-developed managing experience
  • Advanced negotiation and communication skills
  • Ability to prepare and review proposal documentation to a high standard.
  • Advanced brand awareness.
  • Preparation of tendering and budgets.
  • Risk analysis skills
  • Sound knowledge of workings of the business sector and management reporting
  • Demonstrable track record in networking and building successful relationships with clients
  • Some knowledge of commercial economic analysis

Job-Specific Competencies


  • The Resource Development Manager can inspire and maintain confidence.


  • The Resource Development Manager should be able to develop and deliver a well reasoned scientific point of view to the Government regulator and its advisors.


  • The Resource Development Manager should be capable of managing numerous projects and tasks with strict time and budgetary constraints.

Progress monitoring:

  • The Resource Development Manager will be expected to provide senior management with regular updates through reporting and meetings.


  • The Resource Development Manager should be able to work with a minimum of supervision and only seeking budgetary approval and direction from senior managers.

Organisation loyalty:

  • The Resource Development Manager actions should always be for the benefit of the Group and team.

Customer focus:

  • The Resource Development Manager will be expected, when dealing with clients and customers to develop and market the company ethos.
  • Keep close to the current and potential future market.
  • Build on existing client relationships and create new ones.

Market focus:

  • The Resource Development Manager should always be aware of UK and Group activities and provide any market and business leads encountered to the appropriate personnel within BWL.

Goal orientation:

  • Set specific, measurable goals based on the company strategy.
  • Self-score performance against these goals.


  • Remain reliable in attendance and keeping to programmes.

Learning ability:

  • Take all opportunities to gain further knowledge through colleagues, competitors and formal training.


  • Have the confidence to investigate new market opportunities and present proposals to the management team.
  • Do not wait for others to lead.


  • Have strong views, but also be prepared to accept that other opinions may be more appropriate.


  • Believe in the company ethos and transmit to other team members.
  • Encourage and support rather than dictate.


Boskalis Core Competencies


  • The Resource Development Manager is part of a large team and it is important that the person has the ability to contribute and work closely with other team members and in doing so you put common interests above your own.
  • You contribute ideas and work with others to achieve common goals.

Enterprising spirit:

  • The Resource Development Manager has the ability to both develop and recognise future business opportunities relating to the extraction of marine aggregates.
  • You enquire about the needs of your customers and adapt to changing expectations.


  • The Resource Development Manager listens to constructive criticism and is prepared to adjust existing working practices and take on new tasks within the organisation if necessary.
  • You have high expectations of your own performance and strive to deliver the best quality possible.
  • You adhere to norms and values, even when this leads to disadvantages, tension or conflicts.
  • You do what you say you will do, and you keep promises and agreements.

Planning and organisation:

  • You organise your own activities and the necessary activities by others for the final reports and closings.
  • You safeguard progress in delivering any data necessary for the reports.

Problem Analysis:

  • You recognise important information and identify incorrect data and the source of problems such as imminent budget overruns on projects. 
  • You are able to analyse complex problems (such as making vital connection between issues and rooting out possible causes of problems in complex situations.

Oral and Written Communication:

  • You can clarify facts and ideas for others. 
  • You communicate well both within and outside the business sector. 
  • You prepare clear and correct written confirmations of agreements made (primarily with external parties). 
  • Any problems identified are communicated in a timely and clear fashion.


  • Based on logical and relevant arguments, you are able to convince others on a sound business construction.

Getting results:

  • Your work style is oriented on results.


  • You guide employees by providing direction or instructions and setting boundaries. 
  • You understand the benefits of offering practical help with queries.
  •  You are able to train and share information to other areas of the business.

Equal Opportunities:

  • Treating all fellow colleagues and clients equally.  No client or colleague will be treated less favourably because of their race, colour, religion or belief, nationality ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or marital or civil partner.

Health & Safety:

  • Treating all fellow colleagues and clients equally.  No client or colleague will be treated less favourably because of their race, colour, religion or belief, nationality ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or marital or civil partner.


To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter outlining your suitability for the role to:

HR Department
Westminster House
4 Crompton Way
Segensworth West
PO15 5SS


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