The Superintendent (often under the general direction of the Works Manager or Project Manager) manages and supervises the execution of projects or parts of projects.

Main Tasks

The size and complexity of a project determine which of the tasks referred to below are performed by the Superintendent for the project in question and also the extent of independence that the Superintendent has in this respect.

  • Making on-site preparations for the project to be performed: mobilisation, installation and demobilisation.
  • Using the project planning to draw up a detail planning for that part of the project for which he/she is responsible and monitoring the progress of that part (the right people, equipment and material at the right place at the right time).
  • Supervising details and dimensions.
  • Managing, instructing, adjusting and motivating the various teams of workers, both Boskalis employees (suction staff, stone dumping staff, Assistant Superintendents, etc.) and employees of subcontractors and operators of rented machines.
  • In the case of defects to machinery, systems and equipment, informing the TD and following up the defects.
  • Being responsible for updating a daily site report, including work performed (amounts dredged and dredge depth), materials used, weather data, personnel deployed, equipment and subcontractors. Drawing up weekly and operational reports.
  • Checking the work for proper execution and quality, as well as following up and optimising the productions.
  • Indicating and reporting deviations with respect to the contract, e.g. deviating soil conditions or deviations with    respect to the original planning.
  • Maintaining and encouraging a good relationship with the client and holding consultations with its supervisors.
  • Estimating and dealing with risks with respect to soil conditions, feasibility, etc.
  • Executing HSE and QA plan.
  • Empathising with the project-related tasks of the Works Manager for the purposes of deputising in his or her absence.

Required Knowledge and Experience

  • At least a secondary vocational working level and intellectual ability
  • Knowledge of Office software
  • English language (written and spoken)
  • Knowledge of quality and safety systems     
  • Basic knowledge of dimension technology
  • Practical experience with and insight into the operation of equipment and auxiliary equipment
  • Practical experience with projects relating to some of the following areas; stone dumping, bank protection, bed protection, currents and tides, jetties and groynes or hopper work, cutter work, backhoes, clamshells, grabs, dumping, environmental dredging, small-scale dredging or  pipes and ducts, landfalls and outfalls
  • 8-10 years’ experience in the marine construction industry.
  • Current Right to Work in the UK

Job-Specific Competencies

Planning and Organising:

  • You ensure that workers do what they must do during the project and you also ensure that they are able to do so (underlying conditions in order);
  • If problems occur, make proposals in consultation with the line manager to adjust the planning. In doing so, you take proper note of the original aims for the execution of the project.

Verbal Communication:

  • You are able to communicate your message clearly in language that the target group will understand;
  • You check whether your message and instructions have been understood or whether things are still unclear.

Ability to Adjust:

  • You respond effectively to changed circumstances, e.g. new projects, other countries and cultures;
  • You adjust your planning or position when necessary as a result of a change in circumstances.

Flexible Behaviour:

  • You communicate effectively with various groups; you adjust your style when necessary to communicate your message;
  • You change your style in order to achieve the desired result (e.g. to convince people) and do not cling excessively to your usual methods;
  • You continue to operate effectively, despite changing circumstances, colleagues or clients.

Problem Analysis:

  • You recognise a problem at an early stage, you can discover and clearly communicate the causes and you ensure that action is taken;
  • You actively use existing information sources and recognise the important information to analyse a problem


  • You take initiative to solve or prevent problems;
  • You do not wait for instructions from others but take action yourself (e.g. checking work);
  • You consult with your superiors when necessary rather than simply waiting until you are asked something;
  • Based on a healthy ambition for further development, you take the necessary actions to achieve the desired results.

Boskalis Core Competencies


  • You are part of a team working jointly on a project and you aim to function successfully within this team.
  • As an active member of this team, you contribute to the final result, with the team’s interests taking precedence.

Enterprising spirit:

  • You are able to spot cost-saving opportunities and to respond when opportunities arise.
  • You are able to spot opportunities to optimise the execution, resulting in greater efficiency, improvement, or cost-effectiveness.


  • You aim to perform your work as well as possible and to do everything to improve your performance.
  • You take responsibility (at your level) to complete a project successfully and do not shove that responsibility onto others.
  • You are prepared to continue “learning” when it comes to your current work area.

Equal Opportunities:

  • Treating all fellow colleagues and clients equally.  No client or colleague will be treated less favorably because of their race, colour, religion or belief, nationality ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or marital or civil partner.

Health & Safety:

  • Adopt the NINA Values and Rules, i.e. “My role according to NINA”.
  • Comply with the BWL SHE-Q System policies and procedures, applicable to your role and function


To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter outlining your suitability for the role to:

HR Department
Westminster House
4 Crompton Way
Segensworth West
PO15 5SS


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