The Technical Rating is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all machinery and electrical equipment onboard the vessel & carry out the role of GP Rating. We are looking for candidates for our locations in Plymouth and Portland. Starting salary is £24,093 rising to £25,664 after training.

Required knowledge and Experience

  • AEC 1 & 2
  • Knowledge of the technical operation of the installations of designated equipment
  • Basic knowledge of operational processes
  • Good command of English (written and spoken)
  • Knowledge of the applicable Occupational Health & Safety rules
  • Basic skills in ICT Office and fleet management systems
  • Formal Qualification in a relevant Engineering discipline
  • ENG 1
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Sea Survival Course
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2
  • Mandatory NINA training
  • Current Right to Work in the UK

Boskalis core competencies


  • You help find solutions to problems.
  • You work with other Boskalis and Smit departments and in doing so you put common interests above your own.
  • You contribute ideas and work with others to achieve common goals.

Enterprising spirit

  • You enquire about the needs of your customers and adapt to changing expectations.
  • You ensure or contribute to the performance of a business analysis (costs/benefits) for all activities.


  • You listen to constructive criticism and are prepared to improve your own performance where possible.
  • You have high expectations of your own performance and strive to deliver the best quality possible.
  • You adhere to norms and values, even when this leads to disadvantages, tension or conflicts.
  • You do what you say you will do, and you keep promises and agreements.

Equal Opportunities

  • Treating all fellow colleagues and clients equally.  No client or colleague will be treated less favorably because of their race, colour, religion or belief, nationality ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or marital or civil partner.

Health & Safety

  • Adopt the NINA Values and Rules, i.e. “My role according to NINA”
  • Comply with the BWL SHE-Q System policies and procedures, applicable to your role and function

Job-specific competencies

Problem solving

  • Analysing problems, identifying solutions and taking action to prevent or resolve.
  • Identifies the cause(s) of an issue.
  • Finds practical solutions for issues based on previous experience.


  • Remaining focused on results and performing effectively when facing time pressures, adversity, disappointment and opposition.
  • Completes assigned tasks.
  • Remains calm and focused when faced with unexpected tasks.

Planning & Organisation

  • Plans and manages activities and resources efficiently and effectively to achieve goals.
  • Coordinates the work of the team and external resources.
  • Identifies dependencies in tasks and plans accordingly.
  • Anticipates unforeseen circumstances.


  • Deals adequately with change and adopts new ways of working to achieve objectives.
  • Adapts behaviour effectively.
  • Generates proposals on how to deal with new situations.


  • Effectively transferring thoughts and expressing ideas to individuals or groups either by written and verbal.
  • Asks different kinds of questions to clarify the ideas/thoughts of others.
  • Structures and organises information to communicate clear messages
  • Uses language appropriate to the target audience
  • Good reporting skills

Customer Focus

  • Identifying and understanding client needs and acts accordingly.
  • Responds in time and adequately to client requests.
  • Provides clear information on requests of the client.


  • Generates viable, innovative and practical approaches and is able to ‘think out of the box’.
  • Combines existing ideas and challenges current ideas and approaches.
  • Generates and applies innovative and useful ideas and solutions.


  • Taking action.
  • Proactively offering support to others.
  • Suggests room for improvement.
  • Takes action when needed even when it has not been asked.


To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter outlining your suitability for the role to:

HR Department
Westminster House
4 Crompton Way
Segensworth West
PO15 5SS


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